Spring is just around the corner, and plants and trees soon will begin to bud, bringing color to our drab, gray winter neighborhoods.

This is a good time to check the exterior of your property and see if some home maintenance projects are needed. We never can stress enough the importance of regular home maintenance, both inside and out.

Do yourself a favor this season and check the following:

Roof – how long has it been since you have had a professional check your roof for missing shingles, nail pops, the condition of its flashing and pipe vents?

Chimney – does any mortar and/or bricks need repair? What is the condition of the chimney cover? Does the flue need to be cleaned?

Gutters and Downspouts – when was the last time these were cleaned and checked to see they are attached properly to your house?

Siding and Trim – is painting or power washing needed? Shouldn’t that “green stuff” be removed?

Caulking – does old caulking around windows and doors need to be removed and replaced?

Trees and Shrubs – are limbs hanging over your roof? Do overgrown bushes cover walkways or windows? When was the last time your shrubbery was trimmed? Isn’t time to hire a professional to remove the dead tree?

Just asking…and thanks for reading.