By Jamie Wiebe and ©Copyright 2017 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®

Old CD Holders for Plastic Lids Old CD holders’ slots are perfect for wandering plastic lids. Don’t have a CD holder put away somewhere? Find them at thrift stores for practically pennies, or pick up a new one for about $13.

A Flexible Dock for Knives If your knives are a jumble in a drawer, pick up a knife dock, such as this one pictured (Deluxe Bamboo Knife Dock, about $50) that you can store in a drawer. It’s customizable to accommodate a variety of knives.

Honeycomb Dividers for Socks and Underwear Desperate to make sense of your undies? Honeycomb drawer dividers (like this set from Whitmore for $9) will save your sanity.

A Drawer for Spices Like the pull-outs shown, you can retrofit a drawer with a spice drawer insert (starting around $15) or go for custom, like this spice drawer from Custom Cabinetry.